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An excellent IFR equipped aircraft

If you have - 100 hrs as a Private Pilot and an interest in owning an excellent aircraft for  use in taking flying adventures then please contact us.

Aircraft owned by FLYING ADVENTURES is a 1961 Cessna 175B.  Specifications of this aircraft can be found under Cessna 175B Specs.

Member-Owner benefits are -

Affordable Ownership -  Reasonable Monthly Fee -  Insurance for U.S. and Mexico -  Hangar Rental -  IFR Equipped Aircraft -  Newly Overhauled Engine - New Annual.
An important additional benefit is that the members have a common interest in taking adventure trips in the U.S. and Mexico and hence are able to share both the experience and trip costs in pursing these interests.
Other benefits include an organization that is totally controlled by the members (no formal organization or heirarchy). 

To Become a Part Owner -

Contact existing member owners Rick Roessler  or Jack Wilkerson to schedule a meeting to answer any questions that you may have in becoming a member-owner.!  At that time we can also answer any questions that you may have regarding capital requirements, initial monthly deposit, monthly fixed costs fee and  the hourly flight rate charge. 
We can also view the aircraft ( a 1961 Cessna 175B (with a 180 HP Lycoming engine) at MYF (Montgomery Field).
Should you decide that you wish to become a member-owner in FLYING ADVENTURES then an application for partial ownership sould be completed.

AIRCRAFT is located at MYF (Montgomery Field) - SAN DIEGO,  CA.