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Flying Baja

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The best way to become familar with requirements for flying to Baja and at the same time visit popular Baja strips is to accompany 'Capt Rick' on his 2+ hr video 'Fun Flying Baja'.  His video covers flights and strips from San Diego, CA to Cabo, Baja on both the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez sides.  See our Baja Video web page for additional information on his tape.
Eventually we hope to have some clips from his video for this web site.  In the meantime the video can be purchased by giving Rick a telephone call at 760-753-1451.



BLX-MUNOZ (South Bay of LA)
A cluster of homes - closest accomodatikons are in the town of Bay of LA unless you wish to camp out adjacent to the runway (as we did).  Runway has a dip (wash) near the South end.
Francisquito, Baja


The home of the '20 minute' margarita.  My friend Bob has flown many times non stop in his Navajo to Cabo, Baja but had never stoped to visit the many small interesting strips enroute.  I convinced him to join me on a Baja trip to the smaller interesting strips as Francisquito, Punta Chivato, Mulege and Alfansino. 

At Francisquito the hotel room is a cabanna with outside shower & bathroom building and margaritas come at a very slow pace.  First they start the portable generator to make ice and after the ice is made they continue to use the generator to run the mixer.  Twenty minutes later the margarita was served.  

Possibly due to the wait, Bob swears it was one of the best margarita he has ever tasted.

We may make past editions of the newsletter available for download.

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