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Lycoming 180 hp

Welcome to FLYING ADVENTURES.  This web site will introduce you to our organization and highlight the benefits that one would enjoy by becoming a part owner in our aircraft.

Because of the cost of sole ownership of an aircraft many pilots either co-own an aircraft or participate in organizations as partnerships or flying clubs.  Each of these types of organization has it's own set of advantages and disadvantages.  A pilot's decison as to what approach to take requires his evaluation of aircraft performance, equipment, availability and costs as well as his abilities, needs and interests.  The cost factors typically include initial costs,  fixed costs & maintenance costs (hangar, insurance, etc for co-owneers & partners) and operating (hourly use) costs.


In our evaluation we idecided on co-ownership as the simplest form of organization.

BAJA - Gonzaga Bay

We selected the Cessna 175B (with a 180 HP Lycoming) as our aircraft due to  its load capabilities (4 place), performance (takeoff, cruise speed & landing), range (52 gallons) and economical operation (less than 10 gals/hr).  In addition the specific aircraft we selected (N8179T) is fully instrumented (IFR equipped) with radio and navigation backups.
This aircraft is particularily well suited for flying into remote unimproved air strips as those in Baja, Mexico which we frequent.  Many of these strips have accomodations while others provide 'back-to-nature' camping adventures.

We invite you to explore this web site to find out more about our organization, the specifications for the Cessna 175B aircraft and the specific equipment and instrumentation provided with our 1961 Cessna 175B aircraft.

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AIRCRAFT is located at MYF (Montgomery Field) - SAN DIEGO,  CA.